Here's what's in [315.4k]:

BP_libs.readme pretty much the same as this table
BPlib.doc documentation (ANSI codes embedded, so it looks best in muchmore or multiview)
BPLib.lib link library of general purpose functions for B&P tools & accessories
BPLib.lib.lst library function listing and cross reference
ConfigLib.lib link library of functions for real-time tool configuration
ConfigLib.lib.lst library function listing and cross reference
gst [dir] global symbol tables for BPLib.lib and ConfigLib.lib
h [dir] headers
barsMacros.h my all-weather macro definitions
BPLib.h header + macros for BPLib.lib
ConfigLib.h header + macros + struct for ConfigLib.lib
proto [dir] function prototypes for all 3 libs
RandomLib.h header for RandomLib.h
makefile the makefile
RandomLib.lib link library of pseudo-random number generators and distributions
RandomLib.lib.lst library function listing and cross reference
SCOptions compiler options
src [dir] source code for all the modules in all 3 libs
src2 [dir] source for my debug.o and toolstart.o (shouldn't matter, but....)
ui [dir] gadgets, imagery, etc.
brushes [dir] ILBM brushes for the imagery (some of which may be superfluous files)
h [dir] headers with imagery declarations + structs